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Loretta is the author of Habits of a Happy Brain and others. Her latest book is Tame Your Anxiety, which is all about the brain chemicals that cause uncomfortable feelings when you feel under threat – real or imagined. In this episode, she helps me understand an episode of financial fear I experienced, along with other topics. Highlights Loretta explains why she decided to write her newest book, Tame Your Anxiety. Mental health is a skill that has to be developed. We talk about how natural it is to compare yourself to others. If what you’re doing doesn’t feel good, you can change your habits. We build neural pathways from early experience, but you can build new neural pathways (thus new habits), but it’s more difficult as you grow older. The urge to be special is universal. Autopilot is natural because it forms in early childhood. During early childhood and again during teenage years, patterns are set. Loretta explains the difference between adrenaline and cortisol. Cortisol lasts about an hour. It has a half-life of 20 minutes. I share an experience I had where I felt a rush of financial fear and ask Loretta to explain it in terms of cortisol. Children pick up the behaviors and emotions of their parents because of mirror neurons. The goal when you have a cortisol response is to create an alternative pathway. The idea is to take a step in a new direction immediately. Loretta shares her 3-step processes for taming anxiety. Fears are not necessarily logical or rational. We talk about disappointment. Loretta wants to talk about how to counteract the fear circuit, which she does in the part of the interview that posts next week. Links Loretta’s site Loretta’s books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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