Individuation: A Prerequisite for any Spiritual State


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Join Metaphysician Deirdre Cavener, PhD tonight to explore Individuation, A Prerequisite for any Spiritual State (Enlightenment, Realization, Evolution, Awakening, etc.). Are you ready to Ignite the light that lies dormant within your core? If you have been searching for answers, attending self-help conferences and seminars with limited results schedule an appointment with me today. Mercury is in Retrograde making this a perfect time to RECREATE your entire life from a clean slate. My Life’s Purpose is to Guide, Motivate, Inspire, and Mentor those ready to answer the “Soul’s Call to Adventure”. Send an email to or send a text or Voicemail to 727-424-6703. I will check your current Level of Consciousness, help you uncover limiting beliefs and reprogram them, help discover your gifts and live them, reverse engineer your past to uncover the lessons (gifts) that can be found in trauma, pain and suffering, and so much more. Opening Song Credits: Dare to Live by Melanie Denard Show Sponsor: Blended Herbal Treasures One of my favorite products: 100% Pure Organic Obsidian Infused Sacred White Sage Hydrosol Buy NOW This fragrant hydrosol spritzer can be used to cleanse your home or work area without having to burn the plant matter or smudge. As it is impossible to smudge all areas where you live with this spritzer you can spray and cleanse hard to reach areas such as closets, drawers, and your entire house if you prefer. It is perfect for cleansing mirrors and detoxifying glass surfaces also.

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