The Hero's Journey - An Introduction


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Tonight I am going to discuss The Hero’s Journey and explain how each of us are on that Journey regardless of whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Each soul that incarnates into this dimension embarks on a Hero’s Journey. Your life is filled with adventures both large and small. Understanding the flow of a Journey is immensely important if you are to collect the treasures along the way. A ship would never set sail if it had no navigational equipment and neither should we. The majority of the population is sailing through life blindfolded - meandering around the same body of water, encountering the same obstacles and characters and getting nowhere. I was one of those people until I answered “The Call” in 2004 and left my Ordinary world into the UNKNOWN. The Elixir I brought back from my 15 year Hero’s Journey is my story (A Healing Adventure) weaved together into my upcoming book “The Unfolding”. I will be taking calls after the talk ... call in and lets chat! Host: Deirdre Cavener, PhD

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