Dr. Aziza Yaser - Mental Health In The Middle East


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Why I Wanted To Learn From Dr. Aziza Yaser One of the most fun parts of my life is to go online and to connect with people who also want to help individuals to live more meaningful lives - this is precisely how I stumbled over the work of Dr. Aziza Yaser on Instagram. Yes, ladies and gents - Instagram can also be used productively. I was scrolling through mental health hashtags while I suddenly found a young but very talented mental health expert who just happened to come from a country I've never been to - Bahrain. After devouring most of her beautifully written poetic mental health posts I've reached out to her and asked her: What's it like to be a therapist in the middle east? That question was the beginning of a curative online friendship between two people who love to bring out the best in others. What is this episode about? - What it's like to be a psychotherapist in the middle east - Her journey from dentist to psychotherapist - What love not is - Relationship red flags - Overcoming trauma - Secrets to a happy and rich life

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