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I have a very special guest today in the Grow Podcast: Tash from Port Joana. Natasha Nomathamsanqawenkosi Manzungu is as awesome as her name is long. I am very happy that she found some time in her busy schedule to do the podcast with me. One of the goals of my psychology podcast is to portray extraordinary people who are successful in their own way. Tash definitely fits these criteria. She has a playful and hilarious way of describing her journey from Zimbabwe to the stages of Germany where she entertains thousands of people. To me, success is when people actively design their life after their true desires and add value to the world. Even when it means to go against the grain. Tash very early decided against taking over her family empire because she wanted to follow her own calling in life. I think in this conversation there is a gold nugget for everybody. Tash's journey is nothing short of a spectacular success story and I am excited to see whats next in her adventure. Who is Natasha Nomathamsanqawenkosi Manzungu? Natasha Nomathamsanqawenkosi Manzungu is an actress, musician, and lyricist born and raised in the city of kings, Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. She is a determined lover of all arts who exerts herself into learning from the arts as well as expressing herself through arts. She aims to inspire and motivate through her music and also to talk about forbidden topics and politics to keep people aware of the poison in the world. Her concerts have been said to be comic but also pregnant with food for thought. Her personality shines through her eclectic music and her soul through her ability to house a role. What is this episode about? in our wide-ranging conversation, Natasha Nomathamsanqawenkosi Manzungu and I discuss and I cover many topics, including: How she became a singer What her childhood looked like The dangers of humility What it takes to become a professional singer investing in yourself Dealing with loss and grief What a perfect day would look like to her The importance of tears Who she thinks of when she thinks of the world successful Why she hates the word moist Why she decided for art and against taking over the design empire of her mother 100 Books Challenge Reach out to Tash and Port Joana Follow Port Joanna: Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/portjoanna/ Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/portjoanna/ Tash on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/portjoanna/?hl=de Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/port_joanna Website: http://port-joanna.com Show notes Recommended Books The Subtle Art Of Not giving A Fuck -- Mark Manson Bad Feminist -- Roxanne Gay Recommended Artist Anderson Park Her

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