The Evolving Nature of Work


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Sometimes, work can feel like Groundhog Day — different variations of the same thing, day after day. Same commute, same hours, same people, same conversations, same cubicle, same complaints. But then, everything changed because of COVID-19.

The pandemic disrupted the way we do our jobs, whether you work at a cubicle, a diner, or a hospital. Many workers were laid off. Others started working from home instead of the office. Some realized they hated their jobs and quit. People learned new skills and found new passions. We started doing things differently, thinking differently — and it has had an impact on our work culture overall.

On this Labor Day edition of The Pulse, we look into the evolving nature of work. We dig into some of the big changes that are happening right now, and ask what might follow over the next few years. We hear about the challenges of staying focused on the job and the case for a four-day workweek.

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