“Building an AI-focused startup in a non-digital industry" KITRO's Anastasia Hofmann & Naomi MacKenzie


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Join us this time for an exciting conversation with apaleo's Founder Martin Reichenbach and special guest stars KITRO's Founders Anastasia Hofmann & Naomi MacKenzie.

Your host Alicia Wahlberg will take you through an inquiring conversation about how Anastasia and Naomi found their passions in the hospitality industry, grew their own company from the ground up, created an amazing product when everyone told them it was impossible, and how they built a team on success and diversity. Listen to the episode to find out more!
Founded in 2017, KITRO is a Swiss startup embarking on a global challenge by harnessing the power of technology and using it for sustainable change. With artificial intelligence as the foundation, KITRO offers an automated food waste data collection and analysis solution that can be adopted by food and beverage outlets worldwide.
Created by hospitality insiders, the company strives to bring back the value of valuable resources, so they are appreciated and not wasted.
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