EP 017 - Leah Brathwaite "The Journey of Self-Discovery"


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In this episode, we discuss: • Leah’s journey with yoga • Breaking free • External practice revealing internal struggle • Changing, and shedding what no longer serves you • Becoming introspective • Living for other people • Being uncomfortable • Say yes, figure out the how later • Jumping in • Hold on to the vision of something greater • You don’t have to teach right away • Be yourself • Owning your authenticity • Losing your vision in your business • The Entrepreneur lifestyle • Connect to yourself everyday • Creating a business • Making connections • The universe has our back • Trying to control everything • Find joy in what you do • Be guided by the feeling, not the result • Vision boards • Relinquishing control of the outcome • Yoga as a tool to develop the self • You can only take others as far as you’ve gone • Coming full circle with who you are • Our past does not define us • The beauty of change • Leah’s habits & hacks for success Connect with me: www.pursuitofyoginess.com @pursuitofyoginess Connect with Leah: https://www.leahbrathwaite.com/ @leah.brathwaite

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