EP 018 - Amy Longard "Live Your Healthiest Life"


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In this episode, we discuss: • Amy’s journey becoming a plant-based chef & nutritionist • Burn out • Amy’s food inspiration • Being healthy but doing too much • Plant-based diet • Food as a healing tool • Leaving a secure job to pursue your dreams • Culinary school in New York City • “Healthifying” foods • Health is holistic • How can we start being more healthy • Starting small & keeping health simple • Creating a lifestyle instead of a diet • Overcoming doubt & fear as an entrepreneur • Practicing & preparing your offerings • Admitting you don’t know • Building your brand • Anticipating your success • Collaborating with Kardish • Creating stability in your various offerings • Traveling for work • Health habits for travel • Do you want to be an RHN? • Online vs in person RHN certification • Take in as much as you can from others • Learning from your experiences • Working at a health food store • Just do it • Amy’s newest offering • Amy’s habits & hacks for success Connect with me: pursuitofyoginess.com @rudiejay Connect with Amy: http://www.amylongard.com/ @amylongard Amy’s offering: 50% off Plant-Based Recipe E-Book Use promo code POYPROMO http://www.amylongard.com/shop/plant-based-wedding-ebook

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