EP 024 - Melissa Colleret "Envision, Trust, Build, Manifest, Grow, Thrive"


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In this episode, we discuss: • Melissa’s journey and where she is today • Being diagnosed with cancer • Walking away from what no longer serves you • Changing directions doesn't mean you've "failed" • How certain dreams take you to new ones • The fear of failure • Becoming a lifestyle coach • Studying positive psychology • Learning what feels most natural to you • Get clear on your vision and the vehicle in which to share it • Working with Lululemon • Be excited about what you are offering • Detaching from those who don’t want your offerings • Don't assume what your clients want • Connecting with potential clients • Life-coaching is not a real job • It’s easy to get “in” it’s not easy to “stay” • Don’t be attached to your “title” • Continue the self-study • Be willing to be a beginner • Why don’t we pursue careers in what we are naturally good at? • The fear of sharing your pursuits with others • Admit what you really want • Melissa’s habits & hacks for success Win this product! https://mailchi.mp/kardishfoods/poy-oiloforegano Connect with me: www.pursuitofyoginess.com instagram.com/rudiejay Connect with Melissa: www.melissacolleret.com instagram.com/melissacolleret

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