EP 033 - Shawn Mozen "Movement & Mastery"


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In this episode, we discuss: • Shawn’s fitness journey • How Shawn introduced Kettlebells • The different types of movements Shawn trains and teaches • What is technical efficiency • Seeking adequate teachers • The origin & meaning of the Agatsu Brand • True mastery is self-mastery • Finding a practice that works for you • How the Agatsu movements compliment yoga • Don’t only do what you are good at • Bridging the gap between movement and yoga • What do you really want out of your movement • Don’t get random advice from the internet • If everyone is an expert, no one is an expert • The entrepreneur lifestyle • Staying motivated in your own path • Loving what you do • Persevering when it gets hard • Shawn’s habits & hacks for success Win this Kardish Bundle https://mailchi.mp/105686e2a815/q6lzegduj1 Support the Show! patreon.com/rudiejay Connect with me: www.pursuitofyoginess.com instagram.com/rudiejay Connect with Shawn: www.agatsu.com www.agatsuapparel.com instagram.com/agatsufitness instagram.com/agatsuapparel Shawn's Offering: https://www.agatsu.com/shop/agatsu-foundations-of-movement-beginner-subscription/

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