EP 036 - Scott Fournier "Being Genuine & Owning Your Craft"


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In this episode, we discuss: • Scott’s fitness journey • How Scott established himself as a master trainer at Equinox • How various trainings compare to yoga • How to manage competition & self doubt • Shedding your identity in pursuit of something new • Helping people move better in their bodies • Social media & a growing a large following • Cross training as the best way to develop your skills • If you don’t feel uncomfortable, you’re not evolving • What has impacted Scott’s fitness journey • The best advice for establishing yourself as a trainer • Your niche doesn’t have to be a ‘big thing’ • Stay genuine, curious, and focused on your craft • Scott’s habits & hacks for success Support the Show! patreon.com/rudiejay Connect with me: www.pursuitofyoginess.com https://www.facebook.com/pursuitofyoginess/ Connect with Scott: instagram.com/scottfournierpt

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