EP 041 - Tamer Soliman "The Power of Habits"


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Tamer Soliman is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, wellness speaker and documentary filmmaker. His passion comes from a series of experiences beginning when he was leaving his birthplace of Egypt and coming to Canada at age 7. Later in life, he met a naturopath who, through completely natural means, helped him heal a chronic injury. This lead him to learn more about inflammation, the negative effects of eating processed foods and the power real whole foods and herbs can have on the body and mind. After this experience, he was inspired to study Kinesiology at the University Of Western Ontario and later Holistic Nutrition at the Edison Institute of Nutrition. After working with a great group of people at the Toronto Athletic Club in Toronto, Ontario for a few years, he and his wife moved to the Cayman Islands where he worked as a personal trainer while also establishing himself as a holistic nutritionist. He spent time volunteering at the Plantation Organics Garden where he was able to gain a deeper connection to the foods he ate and a true appreciation for sustainability and organic farming. Tamer combined his learning and experiences into two documentaries, After many travels around the world and working with a variety of different clients, his personal training, nutrition and culinary skills continue to grow. In this episode, we discuss: • Tamer’s fitness and health journey • Establishing yourself as a new trainer/nutritionist • How to know when you’re overwhelmed with ideas • Moving to the Caymen islands • Starting a passion project • Letting go of expectations while still having a vision • Enjoying the journey and what you are doing • Returning to the intention behind your decisions • How to establish healthy habits • Pick the ‘ugliest’ thing first and start there • Health and its interconnectedness • Choosing foods without becoming overwhelmed • Prevalent health concerns • Tamer’s Tedx Talk • Tamer’s habits & hacks for success Support The Show! patreon.com/rudiejay Connect with me! instagram.com/rudiejay instagram.com/pursuitofyoginess Connect with Tamer! https://tamersoliman.ca/

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