EP 046 - Jenna Ladd "One Step at a Time: Business, Fitness, Lifestyle"


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Jenna Ladd has been in the professional fitness industry for over ten years. She is the owner and operator of Iron North Studio; a multi-disciplined boutique style facility where she specializes in training athletic performance, conditioning, injury rehabilitation, kettlebells, functional movement, assessments, mobility, endurance biking and running. She has certifications in functional movement systems, kettlebell, TRX, cycling, sports nutrition and Personal Training. She works full time, teaching and managing at Iron North studio alongside 22 other beautiful humans. Jenna shares her fitness journey, why she declined an opportunity to be a professional athlete, and instead threw herself into the fitness industry, and how she has gotten to be where she is today. In this episode, we discuss: • Jenna’s fitness journey • Fake it until you make it • Why practical experience is the best teacher • Becoming a small business owner and operator • The biggest challenges of starting a business • Money talk and the relationship we have to money • Separating yourself from your business • Fear in the fitness field • Numbers don’t lie • Self-doubt when you’re in over your head • The ebb and flow of being an entrepreneur • The multi-discipline approach to training • The evolution and creation of Iron North Studio • Jenna’s habits & hacks for success Support the show! www.patreon.com/rudiejay www.instagram.com/rudiejay Connect with me! www.pursuitofyoginess.com Connect with Jenna! www.ironnorthstudio.com instagram.com/ironnorthstudio

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