TPS Ep.#68 Interview with Grant Davies from Blizzard Dev Team


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Timestamps: - Part 1 -01. 00:00:19 Special Episode Interview with Grant Davies02. 00:01:53 What's happening with the Group Matchmaking timeline03. 00:04:15 Challenges of implementing all the new content and upgrades04. 00:08:20 How to balance game MMR vs Location for Matchmaking05. 00:11:22 How does the point system really work06. 00:13:08 What is involved in picking the ladder map pools07. 00:18:17 Teasers of upcoming changes, content and updates08. 00:20:52 Newly found bugs and what's being done about them09. 00:27:51 How much more popular did SC1 become after SC:R was released10. 00:29:16 Journey to becoming a programer & What it takes to be a game dev11. 00:31:27 Thoughts on the state of the Korean scene12. 00:34:40 Thanks to Grant for joining us- Part 2 -13. 00:35:18 Welcome back from Intermission14. 00:36:29 Part 2 Show Road Map15. 00:33:28 Corrupted Cup Review16. 00:53:10 Nation Wars Highlights17. 01:13:34 Time Sensitive SC Announcements18. 01:15:58 Catz talks about Tespa19. 01:17:40 The BlizzCon 2019 Groups20. 01:34:34 Adrian Harris's Departure21. 01:40:05 Patreon Q & A22. 02:38:58 What everyone's up to/ Wrap up

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