Episode 116 - Josh Sullivan, Founder and Creative Director at Fried Design Co. in Springfield MO


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Today's guest is Josh Sullivan. He is the Founder and Creative Director at Friend Design Co. in Springfield MO.
During this episode we talk about:
-how he got into design in an effort to get into the music industry. However, music didn't look so hot at that time so he U-turned back and doubled down on Design.
-how it was gig posters, movie posters, and album art that really ramped up his love for design.
-the Austin Screen Printing Co-Op...sounds amazing!
-why he ended up spending 4 months with a laptop and an air mattress just creating and learning.
-a project he was a part of where after spending thousands on travel and photoshoots was ultimately rejected and forced to change direction.
-a tool he uses that has never been mentioned on the show before. 116 episodes in and it is finally mentioned!
Josh is a great guy and is really easy to talk to. He was so comfortable that he was drinking a beer during the interview. Unfortunately, I couldn't join him with that! He also asks a great "ask it forward question" for my next guest. @frieddesignco

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