Acquisition and Transition: 18 Month Update


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For our first entrepreneur acquisition update episode, we are speaking to Nathan Singh, a buyer who made a purchase through Quiet Light eighteen months back. Nathan is a great example of how a buyer can get a good deal and beat out other buyers just by being personable and investing in the seller.

It turns out that it’s not always the person who has an all-cash offer on the table that wins the deal. Having a Nathan was more appealing and likable to the seller, won out on a deal, and today we are hearing all about how the acquisition transition has gone for him.

Episode Highlights:

  • Nathan tells us all about the two WordPress plugins he bought and what each does.
  • Any regrets regarding the multiple and the use of an SBA loan for the transaction.
  • The company growth rate and any challenges Nathan’s faced.
  • Where the growth has come in and what he attributes that growth to.
  • Staff retention and how the transition is going within the staff since the original transition period.
  • Nathan’s tips for an easier transition.
  • The importance of involving the customer in order to create a relevant product road map.
  • The biggest challenges and successes of the businesses.
  • Things Nathan has implemented to ignite that growth.
  • Way’s Nathan keeps his relaxed disposition.
  • Growth Goals for the next 12-24 months.
  • Nathan’s 3P’s advice to entrepreneurs looking to strike out and acquire a business.


Mark: Joe, about a year ago you had Nathan Singh on the podcast. Nathan was a really good example of how a buyer can get a good deal, beat out buyers that maybe have a little bit of a stronger position with their offer or if they’re a cash buyer just by being kind and generous and investing more importantly in the person that’s selling the business. And I guess it’s time for an update from him.

Joe: Yeah, Nathan did a great job. His seller was Syed Balkhi. He owns Opt-In Monster. That’s not the one we sold but we sold two of his WordPress plugin sites which are essentially SaaS businesses and Nathan beat out a full priced all cash buyer with a full price SBA deal where Syed agreed to carry a 10% seller note which was pretty substantial based upon the size of the business. And it’s a story I’ve told often in the different events that we go to and here on the podcast so sorry for folks hearing it. I’m repeating it but yeah the first podcast we did with Nathan was all about that and the transition and training and things of that nature and we’re doing an update. I think this is probably our first entrepreneur acquisition update. And he talks about what it’s been like for the last 12 months; some of the wins, some of the losses, some of the challenges, the team and things of that nature. It’s a great episode to see what people have done. I think really probably more like 18 months later. I think we sold it to Nathan in the fall of ’17.

Mark: Yeah, I get asked all the time like do you guys follow up with people that have bought these sites and what does it look like a little bit after. And frankly, we don’t do enough update follow up with people who have bought so this is good. I’m glad that we are doing this with somebody we’re doing on the podcast live so that people can actually hear how the acquisition has gone a year and a half later. Let’s get right into it I want to hear from Nathan.

Joe: One more thing I want to just shout out a reminder this new intro that we have, we’ve got some movie quotes in there. If you can figure out what the movie quote is for the intro go back and rewind, listen to it, put it down in the show notes and we’ll give a call out to you in the next

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