Cost Per Acquisition Advertising on YouTube and other Google Channels


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Two years ago, Brett Curry from OMG Commerce would not have recommended advertising on YouTube. But today, he sees it the way we now look back at Facebook. When cost was cheap and the audiences were huge. YouTube gets a billion views a day, a billion! Brett’s company knows all about advertising on paid channels…be it Amazon or the multitude of Google channels.

Recently Brett has seen opportunities on YouTube that allow his clients to advertise on a fixed cost per acquisition basis (my favorite)! In this podcast shares what he finds works and what does not. No need to hire his firm…if you want to learn how to do it yourself, good news! He’s created a course with Ezra Firestone. See the show notes.

Episode Highlights:

  • YouTube has always been a great content platform. How recent ad types make YouTube much easier to monetize.
  • Youtube is used as a product search engine more than people realize. Viewers (and now shoppers) on YouTube are actively doing something, these new campaigns can target people based on that activity.
  • Nothing sells like video if it’s done right. Brett explains the pre-roll and true view options.
  • The key tips on how ecommerce business owners can approach the daunting task of video ad producing that can be profitable.
  • Some companies use agencies and others are hiring full time video people in house.
  • Search behaviors are different on YouTube than on google. The integration of the platforms allows for hitting more people in order to make more money.
  • Why Youtube is an invaluable re-marketing platform.
  • If you give Youtube the right audiences to go after and you and you have a video that’s powerful, over the time the machine will start hitting that CPA target.
  • These platforms can successfully follow the journey of the buyer. The importance of getting all the campaigns working together and connected.


Mark: The world of search engines has changed significantly since about 10 years ago right? Google has been the king for a long time. I believe they started around 1997, 1998 and they’ve dominated and kind of set the tone for what we think a search engine is supposed to be. But in today’s world, if you’re in e-commerce or if you’re in online business in any way you have to think about different avenues for search. For example, Amazon is the number one search engine for products at this point. But the number two search engine in the world is also owned by Google and that’s YouTube. For a lot of us especially those who have been in the online world for a long time we sometimes just think narrowly about Google because that’s what we’ve always done. But there’s a lot of other opportunities where people are actually searching and have that direct intent and that’s going to be YouTube as one of these things that we need to look at. And Joe I guess you talked to somebody who’s really been focusing on YouTube as an advertising channel to be able to acquire customers for a business and he gave you some insights into how to use this channel more effectively.

Joe: Yeah I spoke to Brett Curry from OMG Commerce. I saw him do a presentation specifically on monetizing through YouTube. I guess the best way to explain this is once upon a time on radio I had a campaign, a niche model called Per Inquiry. And we would pay the radio station per inquiry that converted to an actual customer. It’s cost per acquisition that we call it now. YouTube has that opportunity now. So Brett really honed in on advertising physical product companies and doing it cost per acquisition … I’m stumbling like crazy here folks sorry, cost per acquisition on YouTube. It’s not something we think of out of the gate when we think of YouTube because we’re just watchin

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