Ezra Firestone Talks Work-Life Balance, Giving Back and Profiting


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I’ve seen Ezra Firestone speak at events, online, and in his “how to” courses. But until I got to chat with him one on one for 30 minutes about work/life balance, did I realize he’s the next Tony Robbins (OK, of the ecommerce world, and without the banana hands.) No kidding, Ezra is inspiring and full of passion. And he does what he does (rock 30 million a year in revenues without breaking a sweat) while giving back to others, focusing on family, and taking care of his health.

If you’re are a corporate exec wanting to live the ecommerce lifestyle, Ezra’s approach is spot on. If you are an ecommerce owner and want to be the “navigator” of your business instead of the jack of all trades, listen and try to really hear what Ezra is saying. It will make a difference in your business, your bank account and your family life.

Episode Highlights:

  • Highlights from Ezra’s unique upbringing and how he grew up with e-commerce.
  • We follow the journey of his professional life from poker to yoga to where he is today, earning thirty million per year in revenue.
  • Ways the apprenticeship model can be beneficial to young entrepreneurs. Ezra reveals the pivotal moment where he understood the freedom he could achieve from acquiring a skill and mastering it.
  • How Ezra found his “mastery” in e-commerce after trying several things.
  • Every type of e-commerce business requires the same kind of marketing. All the marketing that goes with the product: before, during and after is what smart marketers need to focus on.
  • The easiest business to run at scale is the physical product in e-commerce.
  • The importance of going premium in e-commerce. There are buyers for every level of the market.
  • Why Ezra chose not to sell on the subscription model.
  • Using consistent ongoing marketing content in customer communication can generate revenue by sending the customers back to the website over and over.
  • Ezra describes how he made the transition from driver to navigator.
  • The importance of setting boundaries. Work will fill the time that you give it but it is necessary to scale in order to create balance.
  • Balance as an entrepreneurial leader allows you to give the autonomy to those around you to step into roles that they can be motivated to succeed at.
  • Ezra runs his business based on the practice of permaculture. Serve the world unselfishly and profit, that is his philosophy.


Mark: I saw an ad on Facebook the other day Joe and it made me think of our guest today. The ad was for anyone … any guy who has just a regular hairdo like I do and it was a man bun attachment. You could actually buy a man bun attachment to put on the top of your head if you wanted to have a man bun.

Joe: Don’t say his name now, don’t say his name.

Mark: I want a minute here and think who in the industry … in the world of marketing is known for his man bun?

Joe: You know when we had Syed Balkhi on the podcast I actually went out and bought myself a Florida gator hat to wear during part of the podcast. I seriously thought about going on Amazon and ordering a man bun and putting it on for this podcast. That’s what I wanted to do. But you know what I don’t know the guest well enough. I’ve seen him at events and we were a host, we’re not a sponsor on his last event. Today we’re on this podcast is the first time I really got to sit down and talk with him for 30 minutes or so. I guess we can say is name now is Ezra Firestone. If you don’t know his name where the hell have you been? Because essentially he is … in my view he’s the Tony Robbins of the e-commerce world without the banana hands if you’ve ever seen Shallow Hal. He’s very impressive. When he s

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