How to Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes


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Multiple streams of income bring more value to your business. One stream of income people often forget about is email marketing. Today’s guest Ken Mahar, founder of Email Broadcast, has been in the sales and email marketing arena for many years. Business owners nowadays are quick to find an expert in other media marketing channels, but when it comes to email marketing, they often implement it unprofessionally, ignoring the potential for campaigns to generate income. Ken’s company sets about optimizing your email marketing strategies by carefully preparing them months ahead and sticking with them, therefore nurturing that ongoing relationship with the buyer.

Email marketing is the dinosaur of digital marketing tactics, yet remains one of the best. Ken has over 18 years of email marketing experience, going back almost to the dawn of the online space. Ken’s experience, along with the expertise of his team, helps clients launch and maintain successful email marketing campaigns. Today he’s sharing some of the mistakes people make and valuable ways to avoid those mistakes.

Episode Highlights:

  • Common mistakes people often commit with their email marketing strategies.
  • What content planning takes place between the firm and a client before starting a campaign.
  • How Ken helps clients bring a lead through the funnel.
  • How often he refines the client’s automation processes and tracks the campaign’s performance.
  • The importance of segmenting your audience.
  • How personalization is important – to a degree.
  • Tips for learning how to implement the technical side of an email campaign.
  • Why outsourcing the email marketing side of your business can pay off.
  • The importance of grabbing that email address!
  • Why business should always offer something that people want (and not something they don’t).


Joe: Multiple streams of income bring more value, right Mark?

Mark: Absolutely.

Joe: All right. One stream of income so many people forget about because it’s hard, you have to learn things and it seems so old school is email marketing. But I understand you just had Ken from Email Broadcast on the podcast and he talked a lot about the benefits of email marketing.

Mark: Yeah. One of the things he started out with in the call which I find to be just really poignant to so many entrepreneurs is we are really quick to hire people that are specialists in Facebook marketing or AdWords or different paid media but when it comes to email marketing a lot of us just say I’ll take care of it. And then we make it like this after thought, right? It’s kind of out there or is like okay we’re going to send out a couple of broadcasts e-mails. In fact, the number of people I talked to that own businesses and we talk about their different marketing mix they tell me oh yeah you know if we would be using our email list that would be a huge opportunity for growth but we just haven’t really done that yet. It’s staggering the number of people that are doing this. And I think the reason why we are not necessarily using our email lists the way we should is because it’s actually kind of tough to do. It’s easy to send out a broadcast to our list of potential clients or customers that are signed up for email notifications. But it’s really hard to actually sit down and say okay I’m going to segment that list. I’m going to set up automation sequences. I’m going to set up follow up sequences to these people. And I’m actually going to be intelligent about how I’m emailing my list. And so much of us just kind of give it this kind of head nod of like okay we’re doing something with our email but it’s not really optimized. And

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