How to Optimize Your SaaS Sales Strategy


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When they’ve gone door to door to sell a product for any amount of time, a salesperson truly learns what they can take. Being a good sales rep can absolutely be nurture over nature and with the right processes in place, any company can turn out a good sales team and garner great results.

Today’s guest, Ali Mirza, comes from a pure sales background. These days, he is mixing his true old-school sales experience with expertise in the online world. He started Rosegarden consulting about 8 years ago and now focuses on helping SaaS businesses build out their sales processes. Rosegarden helps set up a salesforce that does what they need to make the sales while following a set of parameters that can be repeated over and over again. Each of his custom sales processes is tailored for the client to achieve consistent, long-term growth.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ali’s sales background and how he got into his current business.
  • His beliefs on natural-born salespeople.
  • How to find and hire rockstar salespeople.
  • Where Ali starts in creating sales processes for the client.
  • How much the process changes from client to client.
  • The amount of flexibility given to sales reps within an organization in order for them to be able to do what they do best.
  • The correct balance of product knowledge for the reps who are selling the SaaS product.
  • How SaaS business owners can achieve continuity between the sales reps and the backend team.
  • When a business should start to think about systematizing their sales processes.
  • How the process is measured by Ali and his team.
  • Some standout successes Ali and his team have achieved


Joe: Mark I understand that our friend John Corcoran referred someone to Quiet Light to be a guest on the podcast; Ali Mirza. He’s from Rose Garden Consulting. First of all, John thank you very much and if anyone else has suggestions for a great guest like Ali please send us an email. We’d love to have some people on that can help you grow your business or sell your business or even buy your business. Now as I understand it Ali is in the SaaS world helping people optimize that sales process, that onboarding process which is kind of challenging and critically important in the SaaS area right?

Mark: Absolutely and John and Jeremy I think they’re just going to become our new podcast guest sourcing agents because they’ve been referring so many awesome people over that have really added to the podcast quite a bit. But Ali comes from this traditional sales background and he and I talked quite a bit about this because that’s my background as well. When I was a teenager my very first job was a telemarketing job. Yes, I was one of those guys. And then I also did B2B door to door sales for long distance optimization. I mean talk about some of the most brutal conditions for learning basic entrepreneurship. Ali comes from that background; he’s really good at it. He’s a killer sales person and so what he does now is he works with SaaS organizations to help optimize their onboarding processes. And how do you set up a sales team that is both free to do what they need to do … is it not this tight like script that a sales person has to have but still have these processes that are repeatable and can be optimized so that you’re not losing money through your onboarding process. It’s the same thing as like CRO; Conversion Rate Optimization. So many people have these leaky conversion funnels and just by optimizing those they can increase the revenue substantially. This is the same thing with any group and any SaaS business that has an onboarding process for potential clients. So kind of an old school soul … young guy but old school soul when it comes to the sales process and mixe

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