How to Use Humor to Increase Conversions


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Lianna Patch is funny. Not everyone can stand up in front of 150 entrepreneurs and make them laugh, respect her, and want to hire her all at the same time. Yet – that’s exactly what she did when I attended the Blue Ribbon Mastermind event in Denver last month (August 2018).

When Lianna shares her passion, which is writing copy infused with humor that converts, people make more money. How? Their customers stay on page, get engaged in, and actually read what you write. Oh, and then they buy your product, write reviews and spread the word about your brand.

Humor makes people like you. So why not write copy infused with humor? Because you are not funny. Me neither, at least that’s what my kids tell me (what do they know…). It is a skill we don’t all have, clearly.

Episode Highlights:

  • What Lianna does to help clients who come to her with the need for something new.
  • How her techniques to boost add-to-cart conversions as well as purchase conversions.
  • Why it is important to message-match across the board, through the entire purchase and follow-up process.
  • The importance of building the relationship so that if the product is a one-off perhaps that client will be swayed to purchase other items.
  • Lianna shares the biggest mistakes people make when writing online copy.
  • Steps business owners should take to improve copy and what should be first on the list.
  • What makes certain checkouts places that people want to revisit again and again.
  • The importance of grammar and how intentionally not using perfect grammar can work if done the right way.
  • Why Lianna thinks being buttoned up is a thing of e-commerce past.
  • How to grab people’s attention with web copy content.


Mark: Joe you spent a lot of years in the direct response world specifically within the agency world and buying radio ads right?

Joe: Yeah. Yes, I did brought a lot of copy.

Mark: Brought a lot of copy and this is an area that we’re going to talk about today, writing copy. I find for myself when I have to actually write copy it’s a completely different mindset from pretty much everything else and it can be difficult to do. Lianna Patch and she is a professional copywriter for specifically conversions right?

Joe: Yes Lianna Patch did a presentation at the Blue Ribbon Mastermind in front of 150 entrepreneurs and she writes copy that conversion … calls herself a conversion copywriter which I think is brilliant. I’m sure it’s a phrase that lots of people have heard but for some reason, it is brand new to me. Although that’s what I did, that’s what my contractors did back in my radio days and my online days. But what she did was she infused comedy into her presentation and she infuses comedy into her clients’ websites, their emails, their … all of their different campaigns and Mark it works. I’m telling you the presentation was fantastic she gave some examples of what the before and after copy was like and it just made me want to read it. When you go to her website it just makes you want to stay on the website and poke around and look at different things. And throughout the whole podcast, I keep going back to her website and giving examples that I think are just hilarious and make me want to keep reading. And I don’t think enough of us e-commerce entrepreneur or SaaS entrepreneurs whatever you want to call yourself infuse the human factor and a little bit of comedy into your content so that people realize you’re not just some big corporation that’s sending your standard email. It makes a big difference I think.

Mark: Absolutely, any time you can get somebody to laugh that’s going to loosen them up and also to disar

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