How to Use Podcasting as a Tool to Build Your Business


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Hosts can talk faster than they can type. Followers can listen while doing any number of other tasks. A business that comes with a podcast following of 15,000 is more valuable than one that comes with a 35,000-person email list. Podcasts are pretty hard to get wrong. They can diminish the laborious reading and writing aspects of emails and blogs by automatically offering content within the conversations with guests.

Today we are talking with podcasting expert Craig Hewitt about ways that adding a podcast to your business can be beneficial both for a recent acquisition and a potential sale.

Craig is the owner of Podcast Motor, a company that handles the end to end podcast production process for businesses. He’s an entrepreneur in the podcast space, running two service companies and producing 35 podcasts. He believes, and we here at Quiet Light agree, that a good podcast is a great tool for building your business.

Episode Highlights:

  • How podcasts differ from blogs.
  • Where podcasters should get started. Whether they need all the “stuff” to get up and running.
  • Why podcasters use external services to create their episodes.
  • Craig’s solution for launching a podcast quickly and easily.
  • Challenges hosts face in getting started and putting themselves out there.
  • Why it’s important to find the right guests and create relevant conversations for your business.
  • How podcasting can be a fit for different types of businesses.
  • Ways starting a podcast with a newly acquired business can help promote ownership.
  • Why businesses need fewer followers for a podcast than for a blog.
  • How a podcast can create repurposable content.
  • Ways a podcast can benefit a business you are getting ready to sell.
  • Whether podcasts are transferable.
  • The basic technical tools you need to get started.
  • How long you should test for success.


Joe: So Mark today’s episode we’re going to talk about why someone should start a podcast. Stutter, stutter, stutter, Chris edit that.

Mark: Chris don’t edit that just keep that in there.

Joe: Yes let’s keep it in because folks this is about podcasting and I was going to ask Mark a question … oh, man, did somebody put something in my coffee this morning [inaudible 00:01:34.2] in my coffee … it’s a Northern thing. Do you have to be well spoken, intelligent, and an expert on the subject matter to start a podcast? Of course, the key is to have a successful podcast to build an audience and a brand and a reputation but what do you think? Do you have to have all of that to really begin?

Mark: No absolutely not. And look at the risk of narrowcasting and just talking about what we’re doing here which is running a podcast, I thought it would be interesting to have Craig Hewitt on the podcast here. Craig owns PodcastMotor. They do the editing for all of the Quiet Light Podcast episodes. He also has a podcast hosting service which he’s recently started. He’s an entrepreneur cut of the same cloth that all of us are made of. He likes to start, he likes to buy, he likes to grow businesses and living in France actually. He’s an expat living in France so a pretty cool backstory there which unfortunately we didn’t have time to get into. But I wanted to talk to him about why anyone who’s out there looking to buy or even grow your business and create something really unique and special might want to consider adding podcasting to the mix. And look I get it we’re looking a little bit at our own experience here and how beneficial a podcast … the Quiet Light podcast has been at Quiet Light brokerage, but I asked Craig this question. Joe, I’m go

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