Using Artificial Intelligence in Managing Multi-Channel Advertising


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Once upon a time I (Joe) had an AdWords PPC budget that hit $45,000 a month. Over 5 years I learned AdWords on my own, had no training, a half dozen campaigns and a handful of ad groups. I thought I was pretty savvy and successful. This was about 10 years ago and to be frank, I’m older, wiser, more seasoned and would tell my 10-year younger self that I was a novice and wasting a TON of money. Don’t be like me.

Since 2010 I have heard dozens of entrepreneurs tell me they outsourced their paid advertising unsuccessfully. So when Jason Yelowitz introduced me to Strike Social Founder I was a little skeptical. But success and growth speak for themselves.

Patrick McKenna boot strapped Strike Social from his kitchen table in a rented home in LA about 5 years ago. In 2016 Strike Social was named on the Inc. 500 List for the fastest growing companies. Their rank? Number 17!

Strike Social helps brands improve their paid advertising campaigns, dramatically. One example Patrick gives is an ecommerce company that had their CPA go from $80 dollars to $16. This created great problems for the client. The first was rapid growth and much better margins. The second was access (or lack thereof) to monies for inventory. As you likely know – running out of inventory is an issue. Rapidly growing brands lack access to capital, run out of inventory and lose ground on the path to growth.

Strike Social does a free analysis of a client’s paid ad campaigns, a free test, and when the client comes on board and grows so fast they don’t have funds for enough inventory, Strike will provide working capital for inventory. If it weren’t for the rank of number 17 on the Inc. 500 list and the fact that you don’t get there without proving yourself, I’d say it all seems too good to be true. After chatting with Patrick on today’s Podcast, I say try them out get a free review. At the very least you’ll learn what you are doing right and wrong in your own paid advertising campaigns.

Episode Highlights:

  • Instagram’s paid advertising platform is the next Facebook. It’s working.
  • In Google AdWords you should have 1,000+ campaigns, not 6.
  • Facebook is content driven and ads need constant testing.
  • Video ads in Facebook can be as short as 3-4 seconds.
  • YouTube is great, but not for direct conversations and CPAs.
  • Strike Social developed technology recognized by that helped propel them to #17 on the Inc. 500 list.
  • Strike Social will provide working capital to clients so they can ramp up inventory to match growth.


Mark: So one of the things that I find most difficult and frustrating about running a business in today’s internet world is this idea of having these coordinated campaigns across multiple channels and multiple platforms, and the degree to sophistication which you need to run each campaign across each platform. For example with Facebook and Google, it’s not so much to do just [inaudible 00:01:25.5] a couple of key words and hoping everything works for Facebook bring up a couple of ads and hoping it works. You really have to delve in and get super detailed. I understand Joe that you talked to somebody today that’s doing this for a living. And they started a company and not only have they just started and are doing well but they’re ranked really high in the Inc. 500 list specializing in running these cross-platform campaigns that are really highly refined.

Joe: Yeah. It’s Patrick McKenna from Strike Social and about five years ago he bootstrapped a company, he was literally working from the kitchen table in a rented house in Los Angeles. And he developed software that would analyze paid advertising campaigns and then go way beyond what you normally do in an excel file and so on and so forth. Sta

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