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Some sixty percent of people go to Amazon when they shop for a physical product. If you have one to sell and you’re not on Amazon, this episode is for you. In today’s product market every seller has got to learn the Amazon ecosystem. Today’s guest is the person to turn to when looking to save, grow, and make more money on Amazon.

Michael Zagare was doing something he hated for many years. He was ready for a change and finally sold his Physical Therapy practice and began dabbling in internet sales. Amazon FBA was a great fit. Mike now owns PPC Entourage and runs his own profitable Amazon business. PPC Entourage is an Amazon Seller software that analyzes all of your sponsored advertising data and then optimizes everything for you. Today Mike shares his insights from his own selling experience and from helping countless Amazon FBA sellers.

Episode Highlights:

  • When you should start optimization.
  • Finding a niche in the marketplace and breaking in.
  • Organic rankings versus paid rankings.
  • Lowering ACOS with optimization.
  • Your average ad spend.
  • How to go about optimizing a paid spend.
  • Sifting through the search terms in order to fine-tune your listing.
  • How much data is needed to draw a good conclusion on a product’s optimization.
  • What to look for in opportunities to expand through optimization.
  • Creative tips and strategies to use for sponsored ads.
  • What Amazon sellers can implement today in order to start optimizing.
  • Ways sellers can protect against the competition and dying out.
  • Continual product development and brand building.
  • The importance of the intellectual property portion of your products.


Joe: So, Mark back in the day … I could say that now because I have gray hair on my chin. Back in the day I learned Google Ad Words I used to spend a little bit of money and eventually grew it and grew it and grew it and grew it. It got to the point that I was spending $50,000 a week on Google Ad Words. I maxed it out and then you know just do that on a monthly basis. And I didn’t take any courses and I should have. And I didn’t hire any experts and I should have. And I didn’t outsource it and I should have. Maybe they didn’t exist, I don’t know what the issue was, it was probably just inside my head. Today there’s almost too many experts and in every possible category and some of them really just take your money. But you had someone on the podcast specifically talking about Amazon sponsored ads which if … folks if you’ve got a physical product and you’re not selling on Amazon simply because you don’t think you need to … I personally will not shop for anything other than on Amazon. I will go there first. If I can’t find it there I think it doesn’t exist. So, I think something like 60% of people looking for a physical product shop on Amazon. So, you’ve got to learn the Amazon ecosystem and sponsored ads and their marketing and things of that nature. And you had Michael Zagari is that how you pronounce his last name talking about this?

Mark: Yes, that’s right and he is an Amazon ads expert. And you’re right back in my day I don’t have the same gray hair mainly because I don’t have a chin … I’m sorry a beard, I have a chin.

Joe: It’s very revealing about how you feel about yourself.

Mark: Why do you think we’ve stopped the video? I have no chin. So, I had Michael on and you’re right back in the day it used to be that you could setup campaigns with pretty much every advertising platform. Set them up run them and take a little bit to get them up and going but today really need to be an expert in each of these categories, each of t

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