Success: It’s All About Relationships


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John began his career working in politics, including as a writer in the Clinton White House, Office of Presidential Letters and Messages. He was also a Speechwriter in the California Governor’s Office during the Davis Administration, and later he became an Attorney.

John gave up speechwriting and the law to become a blogger and podcaster! He helps business owners connect with anyone they want to connect with. And they find their businesses grow exponentially because of it. He also owns and operates a website and related Podcast called where he shows entrepreneurs how to build and use relationships to build more value, revenues and profits in their businesses.

John’s take on the business: The number one, most important thing that will determine your level of success or failure in business is your relationships.

In this Podcast episode John shares his insights on building stronger relationships, and connecting with people that can make a difference in your business.

Episode Highlights:

  • John’s history as a white house intern, staff writer, attorney and entrepreneur
  • Why “helping first” matters most.
  • How to build relationships without being awkward.
  • How to break the ice with a new group of people.
  • Learn some basic mechanics of talking with people.
  • Making connections brings more value.
  • Why delivering value works best.
  • How making introductions builds value for you.
  • How does John make a living in “networking”.
  • Events where “mixing” is required and new people are attending.
  • How to monetize Podcasting


Mark: So I remember an event … I think it was three years ago, I was at Pubcon and I had hired a PR firm to be able to help with Quiet Light Brokerage and some things that we were trying … no was it four years ago we were trying to do and I had hired somebody to come with me from a PR firm and she was an awesome networker. I mean she was phenomenal at what she did. And she came out to me laughing at the networking event at Pubcon because she said this is so funny. She’s like I’m so used to networking events where everybody’s a professional networker and she said people here obviously are not because everyone was looking down at their phones and shuffling their feet and saying I don’t really want to introduce myself to anybody so I’m going to pretend like I actually have something to do on my phone. And you know what that was also me. I’m a terrible networker. I’m not really good at it. I’m a natural introvert. Joe, I understand you had John Corcoran and he’s a networker and you guys talked about networking. This is an area where I struggle so I’d love to learn a little bit more about what you guys discussed.

Joe: You know one of the first things John said was don’t fall asleep, don’t tune out because it’s networking. You can grow your business dramatically by meeting the right people and being introduced to the right people. You don’t go at it with that approach ias John’s thought it’s more just building relationships and those relationships lead to additional connections and relationships that can help grow your business; double, triple the size of your business. It’s helped us dramatically through what this podcast we’ve met so many people. It’s broken down doors and they feel like they know us more because of it. The networking that John talks about is exactly the same. It’s through all of the different events that we might attend to. And he kind of gives some tips on breaking the ice to make connections and really kind of the Golden Rule approach to networking. It’s a fascinating story. John’s actually a fascinating guy.

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