Success with Multi Channel Marketing


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Is direct response marketing an “old school” trend? People in the e-commerce world have historically looked at direct response as outdated. Direct response has been around for so long because it has a track record for success and e-commerce marketers can actually learn a lot from the direct response marketing approach. Some marketing experts are now fusing the two into a cross-channel style of marketing.

Today’s guest, John Santilli, comes from more than twenty years in the direct response television world and is here to share his experiences in identifying a product’s potential to sell across multiple distribution channels. John’s new marketing company, Star Logic, works with e-commerce firms to help them determine whether infomercials or other forms of direct marketing can create a lift in their online sales.

Episode Highlights:

  • Insight into John’s background in sales and omnichannel marketing.
  • How the previous norms of the non-online marketing ecosystem can work in conjunction with online.
  • Ways John’s background helped him learn to fuse these systems of marketing and boost client’s online sales.
  • We touch on the evolution of Amazon in the way products are marketed.
  • The algorithm John uses to calculate the correlation between direct response marketing and the online environment.
  • How his marketing company is able to run this algorithm in order to predict ways a product’s success could be boosted.
  • Examples of success John has seen when applying multichannel marketing.
  • The time it takes to see a sales boost with the direct tv model and the science behind pushing that “nag factor” to increase sales velocity.
  • Benefits of omnichannel marketing as a selling point for businesses in the acquisition arena.


Joe: So Mark a couple of podcasts ago you used the term old school in terms of one of the … your podcast and what he does and you know when we started talking about this particular episode I am all in old school apparently because the old school direct response marketing is what I did. I came from the radio direct response marketing world and Walker is not the only producer here. I’ve produced two TV infomercials. They had many many spot ads and even hosted one. I just have to throw that in there because Walker is such a celebrity here at Quiet Light with a bestselling book and all that good stuff, Netflix, documentary and all that stuff. I didn’t make any money but … maybe a little bit but we’re starting to see a trend of a little bit that old school direct response TV production and advertising combined with the e-commerce world where somebody has got an e-commerce product and they’re driving traffic both to a call center which is what I did but now online to a website or to Amazon for the products as well. And you had somebody on the site … I’m sorry on the podcast that focuses specifically on that.

Mark: Yeah I know he comes from that direct response TV market world. That’s his background and we were just talking about this Joe but it’s kind of like these two types of business models in direct response grew up a little separately and kind of despised each other initially or looked at each other with skepticism. A lot of the guys in the direct response internet world looked at direct mail and infomercials as this outdated dinosaur sort of way of marketing. And the direct to TV market and direct mail market advertisers look at these new kids with their internet like it will never last and these are real businesses. Now what we’re seeing is these guys are looking at each other and seeing maybe if we work together in this cross channel … now there’s a buzz word for you, cross channel sort of marketing both in the offline and online world th

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