What to Do After the Exit


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Selling a company is the entrepreneurs’ dream goal, but what to do after the exit is daunting. Some sides say to stay away from building another business right away while others say it’s important to keep a toe in the pool at all times. Today’s episode is about what to do (or not do) after you sell your business. We discuss drive, purpose, and the type of work business owners want to do once they achieve financial freedom.

Today’s guest, Nate Ginsburg, dabbled in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures before he got into Amazon and FBA about 4 years ago. About a year into his business, he took in a partner and sold off about half of the company to him. In 2018, they sold the US side of the business to a Chinese investor. When he sold the business and made a hefty profit, Nate found himself questioning what he wanted to do next. Today we get into the many ways he is fulfilling his need to always be doing something, both personally and professionally.

Episode Highlights:

  • The history of Nate’s entrepreneurial journey.
  • The trajectory of his Amazon FBA business and how the sale came about.
  • How Nate and his partner structured the relatively atypical sale.
  • Nate’s motivation for selling.
  • The importance of free cash flow in a business.
  • How Nate moved on from the sale to pursue new things.
  • What brought about the new deals he’s involved in and what’s next for Nate.
  • The importance of assembling the right team in moving your business forward.
  • How the helping and connecting pieces of what Nate is doing these days can play into future deals.
  • Focusing on the big picture in your business role – the recurring notion of working on your business rather than in your business.


Joe: So you and I had a chance a few weeks ago to hang with Ryan Daniel Moran and talk to him a little bit. We had him on this podcast and one of the things that he talked about was what to do after you sell your business. He talked a little bit about planning in advance but his advice was take some time off; don’t do anything business wise and that was his mistake looking back. You just had Nate Ginsburg on the podcast to talk about that very same thing if I am right … correct?

Mark: Yeah that’s right. So Nate has an interesting story. He sold his business last year; not through us. It wasn’t through a broker. It was a deal that just kind of worked out on its own. But he found himself after that sale questioning what he wanted to do next. It was a lot of this … you’re so used to all this hustle, hustle, hustle, and the next thing you know you’re just kind of left there wondering what is my purpose? What do I enjoy? What I want to be doing next? And so he really went on kind of an almost spiritual journey here of really evaluating how does he want to spend his days, how does he want to spend his time. And he came to the conclusion that he really wants to be someone who shares in helping other entrepreneurs and then also doing some investing as well. So this episode has a lot of layers to it definitely talking a little bit about general entrepreneurship and that drive that we all have to do things and that hustle. But also what do you do when that drive kind of dries up or when you aren’t having that in front of you or maybe you’re hustling for all the wrong reasons. So that’s definitely the topic in this but we also have this interesting wrinkle in here that he’s bought two businesses since then. One of the businesses he didn’t buy entirely. He bought just a portion of it and is more of an investor. And I know a lot of our buyers they ask us about that. Do you have deals where an owner wants to stay the yacht and he’s successfully done this before on deals. WeR

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