Wrapping up the Year and Looking Ahead to 2019


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Merry and Happy Holidays to everyone listening! We thought we would take a chance on this mini-episode to say thanks to everyone who has supported Quiet Light over the past 11 years – especially over the past year with this podcast. We’re also taking this opportunity to go through a year in review and look ahead to 2019. It is truly our pleasure to do what we do and provide you the expertise you need to buy or sell your business. We have plenty more in store in the upcoming year!

Episode Highlights:

  • Highlights from the past year.
  • Looking ahead to 2019 with exciting guests queued up.
  • 2018 was a record year for Quiet Light
  • Thanks to all our brokers and veterans at Quiet Light.
  • Quiet Light’s referral program.
  • Hear about surprise guest coming up.
  • Success stories are also coming up on the podcast.


Mark: Merry Christmas Joe.

Joe: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you Mark.

Mark: Happy Holidays, thank you for being so politically sensitive. I really appreciate it. To everyone listening, Happy Holidays … Happy New Year. This is Christmas Day when this is being released so if you’re listening to this turn it off, it’s Christmas. Actually, listen for about 10 minutes and then you’re going to turn it off. We’re not going to do a regular podcast episode today because it is Christmas and we want you to be able to spend time with your families and friends. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas be able to take a day off while everybody else does as well. We thought we would take advantage of this episode today just to give a quick thanks to everybody that has supported Quiet Light Brokerage over the past 11 years but especially over the past year that I’ve been supporting this podcast and do a mini year review. So Joe how has your year been?

Joe: It’s been fantastic. Yeah, I want to say thank you to everyone as well. Thank you to the folks listening to the podcast. This is our first full year right … 2018 we started late in ’17. The feedback that you’re giving us is fantastic and we feel like the guests that we’ve had on are really helping which is the most important thing. One of the things that I want to do for 2019 and beyond is do some of those sort of under the hood calls like Mike and Dave do and what the Ecom Crew would do for people that are looking for valuations so we can dissect your businesses in recorded calls. Keeping it confidential, not naming the business but having people see what it’s like to go through a valuation because the most important thing I think is to understand what the process is like to someday sell your business. But it’s been a great year. Look we’ve brought Walker Deibel on … Walker and his folks and we like to joke about this recently about Jason’s chops about his Bathroom Millionaire book but Walker is truly a bestselling author. He wrote Buy then Build that launched in the fall; a fantastic guy, honest, hardworking, a great addition to the Quiet Light team and then Brad Wayland as well. Brad is unbelievable in terms of what he’s accomplishing in terms of the volume of transactions and people that he’s helping. These two are going to essentially replace me very quickly in terms of the volume of work that I’ve done over the years. But then the rest of the team is all coming together and we’re just still that. You and I have swapped … talked about boutique brokerage firm. We are in a sense but it’s been a great year where we’ve grown tremendously.

Mark: Yeah we don’t publish our numbers. I know this is something that some businesses choose to do to publish their numbers publicly. I’ve always opted not

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