1209 | Rev. Ike: “You Will Never Become Any More Than You Think You Are.”


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In this episode, Rev Ike delivers a passionate talk about how all successful people follow. Though they may come from different circumstances, their commonality is the positive mindedness in all successful people.
Success has nothing to do with race, color, or background. Everything boils down to what a man thinks of himself. For as a man thinks in his heart, he becomes. Simply put, your beliefs manifest themselves in your self-image.
Finally, Rev. Ike highlights the significance of self-image as it compels the circumstances in your life. In his words, “Whatever your self-image is, will govern your experience.” And as you cultivate better thoughts, you create a better reality.
Source: All Successful People Follow This Same Philosophy - A Special Tribute to Rev. Ike, Part 2
Hosted by Sean Croxton
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