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David Merrill is the founder of Recreational Archery Development (RAD) and The Bow Spider. He grew up hunting and fishing in Oregon‘s Cascade Mountains, spent time in Alaska, and moved to Wyoming in 2013. David has been a passionate bow-hunter since he was 14-years-old. David is an avid archery elk hunter, archery deer hunter and has hunted big game all over the world. He has harvested dall sheep, elk, kudu, whitetail deer, mule deer, black tail deer, caribou, bison and much more. David shares many tips on hunting the western United States and other places as well. Patrick Edwards the creator of Angling Wyoming is a born and raised Wyomingite. His passion for the outdoors began at a young age, learning to hunt and fish with his father. He enjoys hunting, but his true love is fishing. He‘s fished in many places and is always learning new techniques. Patrick is well versed in walleye fishing, trout fishing and other species like tiger muskies and panfish. He loves targeting fish that get overlooked. Annually, he can be found fishing for including walleye, trout, sucker, catfish, perch, bluegill, northern pike, tiger muskie, muskie and much more. Some of the RadCast Outdoors Podcast guest include: Larry Dahlberg, Al Lindner, Jim Zumbo, Royle Scrogham, Dr Dan Thompson, Jess Johnson, Buck Tilton, Zach Even, Shane Dubois, Randy Yow, Candy Yow, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, Blake Fegler, Sara Trampe, Christine Lapeer and many more. Both Patrick and David are avid outdoorsmen who push for conservation. They believe conservation and public land management are crucial to maintaining wildlife for future generations. They also believe that hunting and fishing are crucial to all major fish and wildlife conservation efforts. They work hard within their local communities to promote local and national conservation efforts. Brought to you by PK Lures (, Bow Spider (, and Hi Mountain Seasonings ( Get more content by visiting

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