Paul Moreno, Andrew Klavan, Tom Treloar, & Regan Meyer


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TOPICS: "50 Years of Reparations," THE EMPEROR'S SWORD, math as part of a liberal arts education, and Elizebeth Smith Friedman Host Scot Bertram talks with Paul Moreno, William and Berniece Grewcock Chair in Constitutional History, Professor of History, & Dean of Social Sciences at Hillsdale, about his recent essay at RealClearPolicy, "50 Years of Reparations". Andrew Klavan returns to discuss the finale of his ANOTHER KINGDOM trilogy of books, THE EMPEROR'S SWORD. Tom Treloar, Chairman and Professor of Mathematics, tells us about the role of math in a liberal arts education. And Regan Meyer '21 takes us into the story of another Hillsdale grad, famed codebreaker Elizebeth Smith Friedman.

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