208: Star Trek: Discovery, with Larry Nemecek


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Breaking Down the Latest Details.

Bit by bit we’ve been learning what Bryan Fuller and CBS have in store for us when the seventh Star Trek series launches in January 2017. The initial reveal of the name and hints about the time period got fans talking, and then the reveal of the ship and a teaser turned up the heat. Now a batch of details, revealed by Fuller at CBS’s All Access panel for the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles, has set a flurry of speculation in motion.

In this special episode of The Ready Room, C Bryan Jones and Larry Nemecek join the crowd to break down 13 points about Star Trek: Discovery and what they might mean for the first new Star Trek on television in more than a decade.

Chapters Intro (00:00:00) The Time Period and The Incident (00:09:27) Amanda Grayson and Story Structure (00:15:46) The Lead Character and Point of View (00:22:04) Crew Diversity (00:26:38) More Aliens! (00:29:36) Robots! (00:38:35) TOS Characters Return? (00:47:21) The USS Discovery (00:52:07) The Aesthetic of the Show (01:07:45) Closing (01:24:17)

Hosts C Bryan Jones and Larry Nemecek

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