The David Knight Show - 2021-Jan-20, Wednesday


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19:09 Democrats Call For $2,000/month Universal Basic Income & Continued Lockdown. That didn’t take long. Remember when Andrew Yang was laughed at when he suggested $1,000/month? Remember when Trump viciously attacked Thomas Massie for opposing “stimulus”? Suicides are escalating in countries that are committing suicide nationally.

46:02 Pastor John MacArthur & Rabbi Smith on Government’s War Against Life, Liberty and God

1:07:13 Trump Pardons: White Collar Criminals, Black Rappers, Israeli Spies — But NOT Assange or Dissidents

1:20:48 Trump, “leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again” as Biden is sworn in with his hand on a copy of the Communist Manifesto as BabylonBee jokes

1:33:49 It’s not just an alarmist “climate change” agenda that will be a priority of the Biden Administration, “gender change” will be used to push censorship and control

2:05:32 Army Research Lab: “Skin Job” Killing Machines & Gates Killing the Sun

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