The David Knight Show - 2021-Jan-22, Friday


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1:28 Parody becomes reality in just 1 month. Just a month ago, a comedy routine joked about stopping people from using certain consonants that might push the virus. Now “The Guardian” warns talking is worse than coughing

27:59 Fauci suddenly optimistic: cases “plateau" after just 1 day of Biden

1:09:32 Biden’s busts: a look at Biden’s idols — does he know anything about these people? More importantly, what about the people he’s put in his cabinet?

1:26:10 Twitter protects child porn while de-platforming political speech; UK whistleblower exposes abuse of minors in gender transition clinics; Biden embraces transgender agenda for children, women’s sports, military

1:50:32 Transgender “woman” rapists sent to female prisons and rape again

2:08:38 Biden and Democrats are pushing Patriot Act, Part Deux. Republicans are running scared, afraid they’ll become the target of the mob. Only a few liberals are pushing back and warning about the danger. Unlikely allies, but we better take whatever help we can get against this new onslaught against liberty.

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