146 - Is The Market Too Hot Now?


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Today I am hearing all too often is, so many investors are telling me that the reason they aren’t making many offers to buy houses, is because they feel current market conditions are just too risky for them not knowing what direction the market is going.

Believe me I understand why those inexperienced investors are having little or no success as a real estate investor.

I get why they aren’t actually making very many offers to buy property, if they are making any at all. I remember those days when I was afraid to make offers. I was broke and if I got an offer accepted, I had no way to close the deal. I had no money and I had lousy credit.

I would set up half the night praying the sellers would accept my offer. This was because, if they did except my offer, I had no way to close the deal. It took me years to overcome this fear.

Listening to this podcast will show you why it won’t take you years to overcome your fears of making offers. Learn what to say and what to do to eliminate your fears of market conditions you think are too risky to buy real estate today.

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