162 - The Magic of Making Offers Like the Pro’s


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It truly boggles my mind today why so many investors only know how to make all-cash offers to buy real estate. This is very disturbing to me. I am seeing a total waste of creativity that is costing real estate investors many thousands of dollars every year.

I know many investors are comfortable borrowing money from different sources to buy houses. What if, all of the money sources dried up and money wasn’t as easy to get? I’m afraid if this were to happen all too many investors would go broke because they only know one way to make an offer to every seller.

It's time to change every investor’s thinking and teach them numerous ways to make offers they are completely unfamiliar with that can significantly add to their bottom line every year.

Todays podcast contains investor information that will completely change the way you make offers and the way you do business that can greatly increase your income.

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