165 - How To Discover And Avoid Time Wasters


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Today I don’t believe most investors think about how much time and money they waste running from pillar to post thinking they are being time efficient when in reality much of the energy they spend is not as productive as they think it is.

If you are not being productive every day, you are losing a boatload of money and you don’t even realize it. is basic common sense few people ever think about, Yet, it is so important to know how much money you will make from every property you buy.

Today’s episode is about all of the time wasters as well as the money wasters almost everyone who is a real estate investor does on a daily basis and don’t realize it.

If you will follow the steps I lay out for you will always allow you to do more profitable deals simply because you are doing things on purpose, and in a timely fashion, which means you should always make more money from every deal you do.

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