168 - 8 Reasons Most Investors Fail to Make More Profit


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Today all too many investors make their buying decision based on insufficient information with less than all of the facts they need before they make an offer to buy any property. This problem starts with a lack of investor knowledge about the eight parts of the decision-making process. Too many inexperienced investors try to buy any property they can find, just to make money. This is not what I believe to be the best strategy if the investor wants to maximize the profit they hope to make.

Every investor needs to realize there are a series of steps that need be examined, as well as a series of important questions that every investor needs to ask themselves before making an offer to purchase any property. This is one of the biggest lessons I learned over the years that has been a huge reason for the success I have had. On this podcast I explain the eight step that need to reviewed before making an offer to buy any property.

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