Ep. 408: Commercial Assets, Syndications and Private Money Lending with Sunny Shakhawala


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Sunny is a serial entrepreneur, currently focused on managing a 45 unit commercial asset as well as building out a private money lending business.

Sunny has grown his lending business from $100,000 in loans originated in 2016 to over $2,000,000 originated in 2018.

He invests the bulk of his profits from both businesses into multifamily syndication with a select few trusted partners.

Each deal sponsor specializes in a different market and asset class, which provides diversification in location, tenant base, and deal life-cycle.

The massive takeaways from this show:

▪ How to transition from your JOB to taking over the Family Real Estate Business

▪ How Sunny was BORN into Real Estate: “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

▪ Taking Pride and Responsibility in REAL ESTATE

▪ How to TRULY level up your life.

▪ Building out a Private Money Lending business

▪ “To think is easy, to act is hard, to act in accordance with your thinking is the hardest thing of all”

… and much, much more!

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