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Are you finding it difficult to get your business up and running due to today’s competitive market? According to hosts Liz Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli, it’s not the market that’s preventing your investing business from success….it’s you. In today’s minisode, your hosts share their advice on how to powerfully handle business in the current market.

Scarce inventory and aggressive offers have made it extra challenging for new investors to find and close deals. While this can be discouraging, Andresa explains the worst thing you can do is sit back and wait for the market to calm down. Rather than trying to continue on your own, Liz suggests finding a seasoned investor to work for. Once you get some experience under your belt, you can begin to consider other niches and opportunities to create for yourself. It’s also important to remember that your mindset controls your success. Even though it may be a slow start, Liz reminds listeners that there are always opportunities to learn and work, you just have to create a strategy to get there.

While there is no magic formula for success, there are many proactive ways for you to ensure that your business thrives in any market. Tune into this week’s episode of the Real Estate InvestHER Show to learn more!


• “Whose offers are getting accepted right now? People who have track records.” (03:20-03:25)

• “If I was someone who was newer to the space, I would want to help add value to someone else’s team who is getting offers accepted.” (03:33-03:42)

• “The worst thing you can do right now is sit down and wait to see what happens.” (05:25-05:34)

• “If you're in the business of serving people, serving a niche, and providing affordable housing, you will find some deals.” (10:37-10:42)

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