WS1087: How to Expand Your Portfolio Through Digital Marketing with Brian Driscoll | #TechandTacticsTuesday


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People nowadays are almost constantly online. That’s why if you have a business and you want to market and expand your brand, digital marketing is the way to go. So, for our #TechandTacticsTuesday episode, we invited Bryan Driscoll. He has a decade of experience doing SEO for both large and small companies and he’s going to share some tips on how to maximize certain online strategies like SEO or PPC and Facebook to promote your brand and generate leads.

One thing to remember is that the effectiveness and efficiency of these tools vary depending on the kind of business that you’re promoting. Bryan elaborates on each of these tools and suggests which, for him, is best for building or expanding your real estate portfolio. He also goes into detail on how to create content that will lead people to your website or blogs and mentions some do’s and don’ts that you need to know as you’re getting started to run your ads online.

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