TRFE 208 // A Crazy Business Origin Story That Starts in the Desert with Hallie Mazurkiewicz


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�Ultimately, you won’t be happy with your journey unless you follow your truth.�


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Loves, I’ve got to say this is my very first time hearing a business story that starts with a wild sabbatical in the desert. We all deal with traumatic life experiences differently. I usually eat sugar, cry, and watch Netflix. For Hallie Mazurkiewicz, she found herself heading into the desert where she would spend three days fasting in complete solitude with nothing but a book of poems and a journal. I know. Hella inspirational. This entire conversation with Hallie is inspiring and encourages you to slow down, look inwards, and listen for your own quiet whisper from the universe.

We talk about…

  • How Hallie transitioned from her career in teaching to entrepreneurship
  • How she handled the traumatic experience of her stepbrother dying at a very young age
  • Why she ended a relationship with her life partner, packed everything up, and moved to New York City
  • How a 10-day vision quest into the desert and exploring her childhood journals was the catalyst for launching her business
  • Creating Lunar Wild to support and celebrate young women as they approach the onset of their first period
  • The importance of listening to your intuitive voice as an entrepreneur


Hallie Mazurkiewicz is an entrepreneur, children’s author, and schoolteacher from New York City. Through her personal journey and unique childhood experiences, Hallie developed a curiosity for women’s work and found a passion for advocacy in the “period space.� Most recently, she founded her company Lunar Wild whose mission is to support and celebrate young women as they approach the onset of their first menstruation.


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�The Giving Tree� by Shel Silverstein

�Big Magic� by Liz Gilbert

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