8/1/2019 - Short Term Thinking; Debt Ceiling Hike; Peace vs. Politicians


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In this lively episode, financial advisor Brian Wiley and attorney Steve Rausch have strong words for Congress' decision to raise the debt ceiling. The first mistake leaders make is thinking in the short term: what does the long term look like with an extra $1.3 trillion in debt...? Then, Brian shares his ultimate life goal: peace whenever possible. In politics, peace isn't a common theme, nor is listening. Finally, three callers this hour have similarly strong opinions, but don't necessarily agree with our hosts. Listen in for some excellent, enlightened dialogue.

Brian Wiley, Financial Advisor www.treecityadvisors.com

Steve Rausch, Attorney www.capitalcitylawoffice.com https://www.facebook.com/IdahosMoneyShow/



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