8/14/2019 - What Are You Afraid Of?


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Welp, the markets took a deep dive again today. Are you worried? How much? Is that 2008 feeling starting to sink in? Uneducated investors are making the predictable, but ill-advised "flight to quality" and bring the value of everything down along with them. Financial advisor Brian Wiley credits this common, and dangerous mistake to one thing: a lack of planning. There's still time to meet with an advisor, so do it. Then, a listener calls in with an emotional, scary financial issue. There's often hope, and Brian and Steve provide sound advice and a lesson in business. Another caller is just getting started with investing and wants to get off on the right foot. Simple, widely-applicable advice for him. This is an extended show with tons of sage advice and lessons for a wide variety of people.

Brian Wiley, Financial Advisor www.treecityadvisors.com

Steve Rausch, Attorney www.capitalcitylawoffice.com https://www.facebook.com/TheRealMoneyPros



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