8/15/2019 - America's Healthcare System Is Broken. Now What?


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Financial advisor Brian Wiley sits down with insurance expert Steve Marsh to discuss the evergreen hot topic of America's broken healthcare system. The ACA works for some, but not everyone. Medicare For All is a popular talking point among Democratic presidential hopefuls, but no one seems to agree on what the best solution is. A caller weighs is with a pretty staunch opinion against Medicare For All. Then, do you know anyone whose main source of income is Social Security? Do they have an IRA? If so, Brian lays out the formula, and reason to convert as much of that IRA money to ROTH IRA money, as soon as possible. Listen and learn (and email if you want to know more!).

Brian Wiley, Financial Advisor www.treecityadvisors.com

Steve Marsh, Medical Insurance www.medicalplansofidaho.com




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