8/21/2019 - Regressive Taxation, Public Assistance, and Bad Lots


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In this solo show, financial advisor Brian Wiley wears (a bit of) his heart on the mic. The State of Idaho is facing a budget shortfall after hedging too much on the repatriation of businesses. The coffers are looking so full. What a regressive tax? We experience quite a few on a daily basis, including taxes on basic items we require to survive and thrive in a developed nation: food, water, sanitary products, cleaning supplies, etc. These taxes disproportionately burden low income people. Period. That's where public assistance can kick in, but what if we removed the necessity for a bandaid on the system by simple NOT creating the need to begin with? Brian shares a touching story of a family member who, at 54, still lives with his aging parents because he wasn't born with the same mental and physical capacity as most of us. They've never taken advantage of public assistance, even though it exists for them.

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