8/30/2019 - We're All Weak To Something


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The economic rumor mill continues to foment worry, discontent, "irrational exuberance", and plenty of other unfortunate feelings among every day Americans and politicians alike. To what end? We can't agree on the definition of a recession, but Brian is sure of one thing: overblown, uneducated, skewed opinions are causing major damage, and it's the little guy (here and abroad) who will be effected. The Boy Who Cried Recession will bring the wolves if we're not careful. We are all weak to something. It might be petting dogs, alcohol, fast cars, greed, or reactionary fear. If it's all of those, try not to mix them. Ultimately, greed and fear will hurt your portfolio, and one's cortisol levels. Investors who can't remove emotions from the equation hurt not only themselves, but everyone else. If you can't break the habit, it's either time to see a financial planner, or get out of the market before you worry yourself sick.

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