8/5/2019: Chinese Currency Manipulation Rattles US Markets


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In this episode, financial advisor Brian Wiley and attorney Steve Rausch discuss China's weekend devaluation of the Yuan, and what the short and long term effect of this are and will be. Currency manipulation is rarely this blatant. Brian and Steve provide historical analysis on the US as a "reserve currency" and a helpful lesson in international economics. Then, a call back to last week's discussion about a lack of basic goodness among politicians, and a question: in the absence of a widespread state religion, is our Constitutional Republic the new religion?

Brian recommends exploring a rate lock or mortgage refi while rates are at what's likely to be the lowest for a long time. https://www.fairwayindependentmc.com/Sheila-Moore

Brian Wiley, Financial Advisor www.treecityadvisors.com

Steve Rausch, Attorney www.capitalcitylawoffice.com https://www.facebook.com/TheRealMoneyPros



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