8/9/2019 - Millennials: What Are They Good For?


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Financial advisors Brian Wiley (Gen Xer) and Jeremiah Bates (Millennial) sit down for an honest conversation of one of society's notoriously maligned groups: Millennials. Baby Boomers and media love to blame a litany of woes on this 73 million strong group, but ultimately, they're not so bad, and ultimately, they're the future of politics, markets, and everything else. What sets these not-exactly-kids-anymore apart? Surprise! It's technology, and a general lack of the knee-jerk fear that can plague older generations. This early adopter attitude will continue to drive most industries, eventually leaving many folks behind. Then, a preview discussion of InvestU, Brian's upcoming project that aims to help younger investors navigate a sometimes intimidating industry with modern solutions.

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